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We, Karamazovs, are all insects... 


What will happen with Dmitri Karamazov and his brothers?
Order the script of The Karamazovs now and discover yourself.
The complete story of The Brothers Karamazov in only 200 pages in stead of 1.000!



The Karamazovs is a rework for the stage of Dostojevsky's masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov.
The text was performed in 8 episodes, as a live hear-play in which Brecht invited the audience to come onstage and read the different roles out loud.
Cellis Pau Marques i Oleo performed the live soundtrack.


The Karamazovs premiered at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017 and won the 'Spirit of the Fringe'-award at Paris Fringe Festival 2018.
Watch the after movie of Amsterdam Fringe Festival here.


Translation: Abraham Meeuwsen
Proofreading: Isabelle Sully
Graphic design: Yin Yin Wong
Printing & binding: Publication Studio Rotterdam


With exlusive deleted scene, not performed in the show! 


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